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From the budding young age of 8, Ayesha was already starring in high-profile school musicals (the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Fantine in Les Miserables, Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera, Nancy in Oliver Twist) and at 12 years old, joined an active adult covers band as backing vocalist.



Formal education//

She specialised in “Voice” as her main instrument through IGCSE and A level Music Studies and achieved a distinction in the highest level Grade 8 ABCRM Singing.



Courses & further training//

She is constantly developing her technique, growing her repertoire of styles and musical knowledge through workshops and courses, of which she found Level 2 Voice Craft particularly useful.

She has completed several courses in music technology too and is au fait with software programmes like Logic Pro, Reason, FruityLoops, Ableton Live and Cubase which has allowed her to experiment fully with her voice, in the form of compositions, vocal-loops and audio manipulation. She is proficient at vocal recording in general.


music projects//


Own projects:


Collaborations and session work:

  • Novo - Folktronica from London based duo.

  • Acoustic Cuts Experiment - Organic electronica from London band.

  • Noiseshaper - Dub-reggae-electronica from this duo in Berlin.

  • Amloc - Deep house dance track called "Gold"

  • Chus Soler / Enrico Algherini - Dance floor hit "I’m gone"

  • Kleanshot - several album features for German singer-songwriter.

  • E3 - Live drum n bass outfit.

  • Commercials - Codorniu, Jaggets, Orange Telecom, Caixa

  • Sound-a-likes for Scorccio records - exact recordings to emulate the voices of Donna Summer, Olive, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, The Veronicas, Cocteau twins.


Live bands / Covers:


Her curiosity and passion for music has led her to take several music-orientated trips. To name a few: to India to study ragas in Kochin; to Istanbul to participate in the Bosphorus University Choral Festival workshops, to Venezuela to study and perform with composer and director Alberto Grau, to Hungary to study and perform with Cantemus choir director D. Szabó, to Madrid to study and perform with famous composer and director Eric Whitacre and endless more.



professional experience//



She has sung 1st soprano with Voxalba, professional female choir, for over 15 years, which has not only trained her voice, ear and sight-reading on a regular basis, but has led her to perform in  emblematic Barcelona venues, such as the Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, Palau Sant Jordi, and to receive numerous awards in prestigious vocal competitions.


Musical Theatre

Her love for the stage started early with musical theatre, scoring the lead role in almost every school show. As an adult, this continued with Guys and Dolls and Little Shop of Horrors, though the timetables and rigorous rehearsals required for musical theatre has now proved incompatible with her corporate work.


A quick glance at the collaborations and session work page, and you will see that Ayesha is a prolific song-writer, having collaborated as guest vocalist with several bands in London, Berlin and Barcelona, as well as writing with her own bands Misnoma, Man ex Maqina and her solo project. Her lyrics are intimate and heartfelt with catchy choruses, soaring melodies and sometimes a pinch of humour chucked in. Her influences are Portishead, Imogen Heap, Suzanne Vega, Moloko, Erykah Badu, Liz Fraser, Lamb... and in her compositions you can hear blues tinted tonalities, with hints of folk and Acid Jazz, whilst still grounded in pop.

Live performance

A comfortable and confident performer with "a magnetic personality" and years of hard-graft and touring under her belt, Ayesha will light up any stage. Be it as a Classical soprano soloist, a choreographed backing vocalist or as a lively front person for a jazz-funk covers band, she is professional and charismatic.


For more info on professional experience, download music CV here




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