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Have a browse through these video samples,
or directly download audio samples here.
If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact me for a free audition!


Sanex - Rethink your shower - TV ad

Roca - There for you - TV ad

Cacaolat - Simply Irresistable- TV ad

Kids & Us - TV/ Internet ad

Fisherprice - Little Discoveries - Internet ad

Seat - Ending logo (worldwide TV + internet Ad)

Desigual - 7 chakras - Internet Ad

Rexona / Sure - Fragrance Collection - TV ad

Holaluz - Rooftop revolution - Internet Ad


Lekkid - Creativity Matters

Cigna - Global Health Benefits

Banc Sabadell - Sabadell Wallet

Fira Barcelona - MWC Exhibitors' Tools

IBEC- Institute for Bioengineering

Saba Car Parks - Mobility Solutions

Credit Andorrà - Internet Ad

ANIMATION - Boys' voices (UK and US accents)

Snowflake the White Gorilla - Voice of Snowflake (US)

Little King Macius - Voice of Macius (UK)

Rudy the Cloud Boy - Voice of Rudy (US)

ANIMATION - Girls' voices (UK and US accents)

Connie the Cow - Voice of Connie (UK)

Nanooz - All female character voices (US)

The Baby Triplets - Voice of Tessa (UK)

Asha - Voice of Asha (UK)

The Glimmies - Various voices (US)

Animation showreel compilation


Martina - Narrator and all character voices

Premium Prose India - Diwali Story - Narrator

Teo the Duckling


Global English - In the interpreters' booth 

Studio - Vocab Beats


Vote Catalonia - A nation on the move

Atelca - The Good Virus


Lingokids - Get Me a Hat!

Lingokids - Bathroom Routines

Lingokids - Five Green Speckled Frogs


Anna de Cordoniu - Christmas TV ad

Orange - TV ad (in the style of Regina Spektor)

The Jaggets - TV / internet ads (worldwide)

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