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Acoustic Cuts Experiment, London

Working with Ayesha in the studio was a fluid, exciting creative process. Ideas flowed freely. I highly recommend Ayesha’s talent, skill, work ethic and her infectious warmth and good humour to boot!


Kleanshot, Wiesbaden (DE)

"She was able to change styles in a heartbeat. In one session we went from multiple layer soft harmonies to folky intimate lines full of character, and then rocking out belt-style vocals. Add to that her ability to compose interesting harmonies and you've got yourself a consummate professional in the studio."


Flow Audio,


"Working with Ayesha makes my life easier: she consistently delivers vocal tracks that are perfect in the singing and expression, but also technically so I just need to add them into my session; obviously she loves what she does and adds that extra love that will make any project spark with creativity. Moreover she is a lovely person and fun to work with! You will be glad to have her on your production project."


Mark Summers, Scorccio Records

"Because Ayesha has so much experience recording voice (both spoken and sung), there is an easy short-hand in our communication. She is focussed and hard-working, rarely needs a retake and always spot on in-tune and in-time. Her sound-a-likes were uncannily exact. Impressive"

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